20 June 2011

Ultimate by bike: Brittingham Park. Carey's out there somewhere.

The Blue Fist by bike: On the Capital City Trail near Willy St.

The Blue Fist by bike: more bikes but the blue fist is being shy.

State St. by bike: beating rush hour traffic.


19 June 2011

Growing Power by bike, back to Madison by car.

We forgot to take a photo of the bikes on the car, or anywhere, but the tour was terrific. They’re doing amazing things with intensive urban agriculture.

18 June 2011


The lake shore by bike: Milwaukee in the hazy distance

14 June 2011

Milwaukee by bike. The trailhead is about 10 miles out of Madison in Cottage Grove.

This corrugated tunnel has amazing acoustics

Bill makes friends with a spiny softshell turtle

Camping by bike. They rode all the way to Lake Mills then camped in the rain.

The beautiful Lake Mills library by bike.